⬆ 2 Consumer Movers Up Over 24% This Week & Up Today

⬆ 2 Consumer Movers Up Over 24% This Week & Up Today

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Below is a list of 2 Consumer Movers that were up over 24% Past 5 Days and Up Today! Keep in mind, these are very volatile stocks. We are not recommending these stocks, we are just reporting the big movers. We compile lists of Stocks that make large daily gains, typically over the past 5 days and trading heavy. We do not get paid to promote these stocks or recommend them, we just report the big movers.

 # Symbol Company Category % Price Change Last 5 Days Performance vs. Industry
1 SKUL     Skullcandy Inc Consumer


2 NUIN     Nutrastar International Inc Consumer



Every Stock Trader is looking for OTC volume movers to put on their speculative penny stock pick watch list for review. We constantly release exclusive breaking stock reports from our Top Stock analysts. Please keep in mind we are not recommending these stocks and by the time this report is delivered they may have changed in price significantly.