⬆ 2 Energy Stocks Up Over 53% Past 2 Weeks & Up Today

Is this the end for America’s #1 tech company?

George Gilder has been called “The Technology Prophet.” He predicted the iPhone technology 13 years BEFORE its release. And now he’s calling for the fall of probably the most powerful tech company in America. Get the incredible story here…

<img draggable= 2 Energy Stocks Up Over 53% Past 2 Weeks & Up Today

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Below is a list of 2 Energy Stocks are up over 53% past 10 days.  Keep in mind, these are very volatile stocks. We are not recommending these stocks, we are just reporting the big movers. We compile lists of stocks that make large daily gains, typically over the past 5 to 10 days and trading heavy. We do not get paid to promote these stocks, own or recommend them.  We just report the big movers.

 # Symbol Company Category % Price Change Past 10 Days Performance vs. Industry
1 PRT PermRock Royalty Trust. Energy


2 AMR Alta Mesa Resources Inc. Energy



Strange new "antennas" popping up across America

Have you seen one of these pop up in your neighborhood?

It's NOT for the cell phone you carry in your pocket...

My colleague Jeff Brown just recorded a mind-blowing video about it.

I just watched it with my own eyes, and I STILL can't believe it.

One of the big reveals was how you could use a "leak" from Washington D.C. to become up to $150,000 richer in the next 18-24 months.  Read more.