⬆ 2 Tech Stocks Up Over 96% Past 2 Weeks & Up Today

⬆ 2 Tech Stocks Up Over 55% Past 2 Weeks & Up Today

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Below is a list of 2 Tech Stocks are up over 55% Over Past 2 Weeks and Up Today! Keep in mind, these are very volatile stocks. We are not recommending these stocks, we are just reporting the big movers. We compile lists of stocks that make large daily gains, typically over the past 5 to 10 days and trading heavy. We do not get paid to promote these stocks, own or recommend them.  We just report the big movers.

 # Symbol Company Category % Price Change Last 10 Days Performance vs. Industry
1 SPDL Spindle Inc. Tech


2 INAP Internap Corp. Tech